How to Collect a Testimonial Via Email

How to Collect a Testimonial Via Email

Step 1: From your Dashboard click the Collect Testimoinal button 


Step 2: The Collect Testimonial Page will open. Click the Send Via Email button

Step 3: The Send a Testimonial Request Via Email page will open

  1. Enter the Recipient Name and Email in the required fields
  2. You can include the name of your Recipients company or position, if you would like
  3. Check the box by "Send yourself a copy" if you would like a copy

Step 4: You will see a preview of the message on the right-hand side

Step 5: If you would like to customize your message, click "Customize Request Template" (note that this is a one-time customization and will not save in the account) 

Step 6: Once your message is ready, click the Send Request button

Step 7: Your Recipient will receive a request that looks like this (note that the request language may differ from what is shown here depending on your account settings) and be prompted to click through to leave a testimonial

Collection page:

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