Maxa Designs: Integration

Maxa Designs: Integration

Testimonial Tree - Maxa Designs partner integration makes content syndication easy and automated. Automatically port your Testimonial Tree testimonials and reviews directly into your brokerage and agents' Maxa Designs Design Studio to create digital and print marketing content: social media posts, CMAs, seller listing presentations, buyers packets, content, agent bios and reports. Below are step-by-step details to enable the API integration at no additional cost. 

Testimonial Tree - Maxa Designs: Integration

In Maxa Designs

Step 1: Login to your Maxa Designs account and select a marketing template to create

Step 2: Click Create Design

Step 3: On the Create Design page, enter your Testimonial Tree email address – the same one you use to login into Testimonial Tree. If your company uses single sign-on (SSO) it will be your corporate email.

Step 4: Scroll through your Testimonials and select the one you would like to use in your design template

You can also watch a tutorial (YouTube) on how to integrate and create designs here: Testimonial Tree and Maxa Design Studio

In Testimonial Tree

To ensure your testimonials are syndicating to Maxa Designs log in to your Testimonial Tree account and make sure your testimonials are assigned to the Maxa Designs marketing widget. 

Step 1: From the Dashboard click Testimonials, then Manage Testimonials

Step 2: On the right-hand side click Actions and then select Testimonial Marketing

Step 3: On the Testimonial Marketing page make sure the Maxa Designs box is Checked and then Save 

Our partner API updates several times a day.  Admin users may bulk manage and assign content to Maxa Designs and other marketing providers on behalf of their users.

Client Example: 
SSO Sign in
"Marketing Concierge Plus" (Maxa Designs)
Sign in via SSO (optional)
Social Media Templates: Just Sold, Testimonials, Coming soon, etc.
Testimonial Tree - Maxa Designs: Testimonials Social Media Templates Examples

Additional Questions?

Contact Testimonial Tree:

Agents - Contact

Brokerages - Contact, your Customer Success Manager or Onboarding Specialist. 

Contact Maxa Designs:

Brokerages - Contact your Maxa Designs Customer Success Manager.

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