MoxiWorks: Integration

MoxiWorks: Integration

Real Estate brokerages may enable the Testimonial Tree API and MoxiWorks API interface and/or enable Testimonial Tree widgets to automate one or more of the capabilities below. These are all possible integrations, but are controlled by the brokerage and not all integrations may be available to all agents.

Please contact your Testimonial Tree Customer Success Manager or email about setting up these connections. 

1. Testimonial-Review Website Displays

Auto-publish testimonials on your MoxiWorks brokerage and office website directories and display your Testimonial Tree rating on listing contact cards. Brokerages may choose to enable testimonials on the brokerage and office website using the API and/or enable agents to display their testimonials on their MoxiWebsite site page using the widget code snippet.

Option A: Testimonials via Widget Code

  1. Display testimonials natively using MoxiWorks existing testimonial display. Once the Testimonial Tree widget code has been added to your company’s website by MoxiWorks, agents can add the site page titled “Testimonial Tree page” to their website and connect their Testimonial Tree account with their email. All styling is controlled within the brokerage (admin user) or agent (user) Testimonial Tree account through widget advanced settings. Learn more about Testimonial Tree widgets here.  
  1. Please see

Request to Bulk Add Testimonial Review Widgets to Agent Website & Profiles:

Step 1: Email Moxiworks Partnerships & Implementation

To request to bulk add your Testimonial Tree widget ID (see how to get your brokerage's widget ID below) across agent profiles send an email with your company name, Testimonial Tree admin username, and your widget ID to:; and CC your Testimonial Tree customer Success Manager or onboarding specialist.

Testimonial Tree (admin dashboard) > Widgets > Manage Widgets
Testimonial Tree (admin dashboard) > Widgets > Manage Widgets
Widget ID (Please be sure permissions is set to Y)
Widget ID

Option B: Testimonials via API  

  1. Display testimonials on your MoxiWorks brokerage and office website directories and individual star ratings on the agent’s listing contact card. All website styling is controlled within MoxiWorks.

2. Agent and Location Feeds 

  1. Sync agent roster (users) and office locations (location users) from MoxiWorks to Testimonial Tree automatically. 

3. Single Sign-on (SSO) 

  1. Allows agents (users) and office location managers (location users) to securely auto-login into the Testimonial Tree application through their MoxiWorks application and brokerage intranet.

4. MoxiPresent

  1. Auto-publish testimonials from Testimonial Tree into MoxiPresent comparable market analysis presentations (CMA). Turn on Moxiworks in Testimonial Tree (admin dashboard) > Settings > User Permissions tab > Marketing Service Providers > Save
  1. Please see 
Testimonial Tree (Admin dashboard) > Settings > User Permissions > Marketing Service Providers > Moxiworks > Save

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