Toolkit CMA: Integration

Toolkit CMA: Integration

You can automatically add a Testimonial Tree reviews page into Toolkit CMA presentations. Below are step-by-step details to enable the API integration at no additional cost.


Step 1: Your company Admin must provide Realty Tools with the Testimonial Tree API Key.  Once this has been provided you can move on to the following steps:

Step 2: Login to your Toolkit CMA account, click into your Link My Web Reviews 

Step 3: Check off the Use Testimonial Tree box

Step 4: Enter your Testimonial Tree UserID in the UserID field

Step 5: Check off the Use Only Public Testimonials box so that only the published testimonials are sent to Toolkit  

Make sure to Save!
When starting a new presentation, there will now be a document available to include called Testimonial Tree Testimonials.  This new document with customer reviews from Testimonial Tree will populate when your presentation is created.

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