Turning on Testimonial Tree in your MoxiWorks Account

Turning on Testimonial Tree in your MoxiWorks Account

Learn about Testimonial Tree's integration capabilities with MoxiWorks here

This article describes how to turn on the Testimonial Tree testimonial and ratings tool from inside your MoxiWorks account.

Step 1: Ensure that your account has the MoxiWorks Marketing Site added to the account and your reviews are published to this site.  See example below: 

Step 2: Log into your MoxiWorks account.

Step 3: Navigate to your agent profile by clicking your picture in the upper right corner and selecting "My Account". The Testimonial Tree toggle is located in the “Agent Tools” section. Select Integrated Tools from the menu and enter your info.

Step 4: Make sure the sliding indicator (toggle) is turned on, and enter the email address associated with your Testimonial Tree account.


Step 5: You will now have your Testimonial Tree content displayed on your Reviews of your Bio page, as well as an average star rating on your Contact Card:

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